At this time of year, when the holiday is over for most people and jobs and schools kicks off, there are many who want to find motivation to exercise. Perhaps you have taken it a bit easier with the training during the summer and feel that now is the time to grab it with this training seriously? Or you belong to those who have kept going with your training, but want to find new inspiration anyway? Dropping workout motivation happens to us every now and then, and more or less. Here are my tips to find exercise motivation again!

Find exercise motivation – my ten tips:

  1. Decide you and just do it. This may not work equally well for all of us, but for many of us it may be important to not think so much, but just do. Think of the feeling afterwards and then start! It does not surprise me, if you will have fun during the session as well.
  2. Clothes you right. If you intend to practice in the morning; Prepare the night before by presenting workout clothes back then. Put on them right when you get up in the morning and then there is no excuse. For sits workout clothes already feels it’s incredibly stupid not work out then. Should you train after work; doing the same thing, that you pack workout clothes in your bag and change into them before you leave work.
  3. Do not put up too high goals with your training. If you are a beginner or have not exercised in a long time I do not think you should put up some performance-oriented goals of the training at all. That you should practice and that you should do it a couple of times a week should be the only objective. The risk otherwise is that the goal is too difficult to stick to and you give up.
  4. Find the desire in training. Perhaps easy for me to say, but I strongly believe that everyone can find the pleasurable exercise. Try some different forms of exercise, work together with others and alone, do it at different times of the day and assess what works best for you and what feels fun. Wager then on it!
  5. Make use of music. Create a variety of playlists to listen to while exercising. Or stock up with a bunch of interesting pods if you’d rather have it as entertainment. It is likely to start up and training feels more fun.
  6. Find fitness buddies to train with. Does not matter if it’s friends in social media or real physical buddies. Training with them or discuss training with them afterwards. Let people around you know that you are training so that they can cheer you.
  7. Get stylish workout clothes. For many, it actually helps to acquire some new to the training wardrobe. I’m one of them! Or you decide that you’re going to buy a new workout clothes when you have been training regularly for example a month. Then you have a carrot to train for.
  8. Customize your exercise sessions daily fitness and mood. If you are pretty tired the day it’s probably not wise to drive a hard interval workouts, but maybe the energy you take a walk? Another day you might have lots of energy and can draw on the full time instead. Listen to your body and adjust your workout accordingly. The risk otherwise is that you kill workout motivation in the long term.
  9. Secure the best conditions. If it’s about to get gym membership at the nearest gym, buy a bunch of home fitness equipment so you can easily practice at home or enroll bug dancing on Wednesdays you know best yourself. Find easiest and most fun way for you to practice and create the conditions for it!
  10. Get started today! If you have decided to start practicing more then just running. There is no reason to wait, but start now!

If you sit inside with additional tips for finding exercise motivation please share it in a comment. Now, we give ourselves a great workout fall!


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