7 exercises that makes you sleep better


Ward off insomnia with the right kind of activities

Virtually all exercise is good for your sleep. But there are forms of exercise that are particularly good for those who want to sleep better. Among other things, golf, cycling and yoga good for sleep, a new study shows.

Training help for insomnia in general, there is a long established team. But new research shows that certain types of physical activities are more effective than others.

In a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have looked at over 400 000 adults’ exercise habits and the amount of sleep they get per night. The result: those who engage much about certain forms of exercise are suffering much less from lack of sleep.

– The results are surprising. This not only shows that for some training related to insomnia, but also to those who, for example, just walking indeed get better sleep, but that more targeted training for even greater effect.

So if you want to sleep better, it might be a good idea to increase the dose of any of the following activities.


  1. Home Training

In fact, practically arranged to exercise at home without tools, with just one’s own body, are among the best forms of exercise you can do just to get a better night’s sleep. So go ahead to do pushups and situps.

  1. Yoga

Unsurprisingly, yoga is one of the recommended activities which for many anti sömbrist. It teaches yoga therapist Therese Thun four exercises that prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

  1. Running

Perhaps the most classic form of exercise of all of them is also one of the best for those who want to sleep better. A good idea can of course be to not run late at night so you have time to get down pulse before it is time to crawl into bed.

  1. Golf

“It’s not real training” maybe some nuts now. But the fact is that golf is excellent exercise – and especially for those who want to recoup your lost sleep hours. It is not so strange really, because a normal round of golf means a long walk with a heavy backpack and a lot of arm strength eliminated.

  1. Strength

Weight training is good for much: it strengthens the body, it can help those who feel they need to lose some weight and – it acts as an antidote to the lack of sleep. According to the study, suffering people who exercise a lot of strength to a lesser extent by lack of sleep than those who do it regularly.

  1. Aerobics

It is not only fun to work out in groups to the music – it also makes you sleep better the next night, according to the study.

  1. Pilates

Although Pilates is one of the exercise that proved to counteract insomnia. So look out a Pilates mat or a regular seat cover and go.


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