7 simple tricks that keep running shoes fresh


Do you buy new running shoes as soon as they become acidic? Then it’s time to think about – and start taking care of them better.

A pair of sour sneakers can make even the most ardent runner hesitation. Living Pulse has collected the best tricks to keep your favourite shoes fresh – so that the step to venture out into the jogging track feels shorter.

  1. Keep them dry

Bacteria like your shoes because they often (depending on how much you use them …) are hot and humid. Make it a habit to wipe out your shoes when you just come home from your run so the environment is not as nice for the bacteria that is responsible for the sour smell. Stop please crumpled newspaper into them for the next time to get off the worst of the moisture. If you run in the wet, wipe also the shoes outside.

  1. Silica gel

You know those little bags that says “Silica” and “Do not eat!” on which you can get with when buying shoes and bags? Do not throw them! They are super helpful when it comes to keeping your shoes fresh. The small balls in the bag consists of silica gel that is highly absorbent. Ideal for removing moisture from shoes and prevent the bacteria thrive, in other words.

  1. Obtain changing

Favoritdojorna in all the glory, but it can actually be a good idea to let them rest sometimes. If you have a few sets of running shoes in circulation so you can take care of them properly, let them rest in between and they stay fresh longer. Have you found the perfect couple? Buy a couple of them and use them, they will help each other that kept them fresh!

  1. Bicarbonate

Try to sprinkle a little baking soda or baking powder in your acid sneakers. It can raise the pH value, remove odours and kill bacteria.

  1. Freeze them

Cold can kill many of the bacteria that makes the shoes smell sour. But the shoes are dry! Put them in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer overnight.

  1. Skodeodorant

If nothing guessed help – try a skodeodorant. There are several sprays specially designed to remove bad odor from shoes.

  1. At your own risk: machine wash

This is done at your own risk because some shoes are glued and the adhesive is likely to dissolve in the washing machine. Check the washing instructions to wash and not too hot. Works especially well with white training shoes as white detergent containing bleach is germicidal.

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