Chop your training: shortcuts to results


If you drive with the handbrake on? There are better ways to accelerate results than just driving more and harder. Here are tips!

More sleep

All who train and hunt better physique has turned inside out both training methods and diet approach. Proper diet and exercise is obviously very important, but the process rests on three legs and the last ports are often under the radar: rest. It’s simply not as much fun and does not feel as interesting to talk about the rest of exercise or diet. We can not directly do anything with the rest, there’s no refined approach or sizzling methods. Rest is just the opposite, not to do anything. Therefore understating the light of rest related to results. But the fact remains, without adequate rest can recovery and super compensation does not take place, no matter how hard you drive and how much you eat. The body needs rest to be able to respond to the training. End of discussion. The most important part of sleep is the sleep. It is during sleep that the body heal and recover in depth so that training can produce results. But more than just rest and recovery rests on sleep. Sleep and sleep loss influences the balance of a newly discovered hormonpar, grehlin and leptin, which has the hunger and satiety to do. With more sleep increases leptin, with less sleep increases grehlinet. Increased grehlin leads to greater appetite, more sweet cravings and probably higher body weight and BMI. It is likely that one hour more sleep per day would help your fat loss and weight loss significantly, even if you sleep enough.

More Protein

Most people have a vague concept that protein is good for building muscle and burning fat. Now new research shows that the protein has even greater benefits than previously known. First a little refresher: Protein is the raw material for muscles, which is why an adequate intake is essential both for building new muscles and to maintain muscle mass while dieting. Furthermore saturating protein better than carbohydrates and fat which is welcome at school. Finally, the protein has a higher thermogenic effect than carbs and fat, which simply put means that more energy is used in the reaction of protein than the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat, which is more of clean fuel substrate. This effect is also important for those who want to burn fat and lose weight. The newer research has shown that it is possible to increase lean muscle mass while lying in the energy deficit and lose weight, if you hold a very high protein intake. Regarding dosage has held that it is virtually impossible to get fat protein, almost all goes to the muscles, even if you eat a very large surplus. New research also rejects conventional wisdom about 30-40 grams of protein in one meal is enough to stimulate maximum protein synthesis and that higher doses are wasted. More seems to be better, even if your protein intake is already “enough”. Try increasing your protein intake radically over a month to six weeks and see what happens!

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