Keep fit in the summer: five mistakes that everyone makes


Summer and leave means a break in the habits and routines. Established strategies for managing training and diet breaks down when times daily, circadian rhythm and eating habits change. But the quest for a better physique do not bring harm to you temporarily change habits. The snag is that switching to good new habits.

1) Just burning workout

Summer is naturally the time when diet, fat loss and is in focus. Increasing the burning workout before the bathing season ingrained for all body builds or just wants to show itself from its best side when the clothes are off. But burning workout will grind finish on a solid build, not grind down the entire building and burn the remaining ruins. Strength training not only leads to bigger muscles but also in better posture, higher metabolism and better performance. It is the backbone of building a better physique. Increase burning workout if needed, but not at the expense of strength training.

2) Underestimating fluid and electrolytes

Not only that the temperature is now ruling much higher than it has been during the rest of the year. We are much more physically active during the summer months. When the weather permits, we take the bike, walk more and stay out the night long. The losses of liquid and essential mineral salts from the body increases, the effect is accumulated from one day to the next. When you get less fluid level in the body drops the blood pressure and the blood becomes more viscous. This impairs metabolism, oxygen transport and perceived energy levels. The need for zinc and magnesium can increase by several hundred percent when perspiration increases. Lack of zinc and magnesium sabotaging your sleep, your immune system and your testosterone levels.

3) Unbalanced diet, all or nothing

Diet is perhaps the lifestyle factor that is most dependent on the balance sheet and therefore the most sensitive to changes. Good habits take time to work out and if they are broken, for example, to times and circadian changes when you’re free, without consciously replaced by new good habits is a great risk of failure in their diet. Here comes to keeping the man can, even if it will not be “perfect”. Anyone who has taken an ice cream in the sun or gone overboard with the drink on the barbecue feel easy diet is ruined and continues in bad rut. Accept the slip as part of the summer so you can leave them behind and go back to what works. Protein for body composition, vegetables and good fats for health, carbohydrates for prolonged physical work.

4) Enable the workout completely

The holidays are here for us to rest and recharge the batteries, by extension, for us to jacking one year to the everyday hardships. And yes, there could be to rest also from training during the holidays. But here, we risk falling into the trap called all or nothing. It takes about three times as much training to go forward in the development as it is required to maintain his level. This means that if you normally exercise three times a week and developed slowly, you can over a period cut down to a pass a week without losing the least of your results. Rest from two-thirds of the workout without going backwards. A happy medium is far superior to no rest at all, or to drop the workout entirely and then get start to fall.


5) Fixes for comparisons

Beach season can be merciless when it comes to exposing what we are unhappy with our bodies. Likewise, comparisons with the more trained to destroy the improvements we are just now were so happy with. But your commitment to a better physique will not turn you into someone else, it’ll make you the best possible version of yourself. The only relevant comparison is with yourself, sooner. Getting someone else’s body is neither possible nor desirable. Continue your course, your physique gradually improving.

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