Muscles important than being thin?


Body weight, and it’s bit problematic BMI has long stood as the main measure of shape and health. But maybe being the instrument of dictatorship soon!

Many who start investing in the health and fitness sets a target weight as they should reach with the help of exercise and improved diet. But we have long known that the scale can often lead astray. Lower body weight due to loss of muscle mass is hardly any profit for either the appearance, health and performance, rather the opposite. Conversely, increasing muscle mass to make that body weight is still leading the trainee to mistakenly believe that exercise does not produce results. This can of course play tricks with the motivation and the willingness to continue the training and diet improvements.

A deeper dimensions that show more than wave of what actually happens to the body after a period of training and nutrition interventions is body composition, a concept that simplified describes how much fat and muscle mass a person’s body is made of. Better body composition, ie more muscle and less fat is notoriously associated with better health and longer life.

It has long been assumed that this relationship simply involves too much fat on the body is unhealthy and leads to illness and increased mortality, which is of course to some extent is true. However, the composition’s body two aspects, the fat mass and muscle mass are really independent of each other. Now new research pointing towards greater muscle mass can be more significant than low fat mass to reduce mortality.

Having the right amount of muscle and fat is probably the best for your health, but if you choose between a lot of muscle as well as fat and little muscle and little fat protects much muscle and fat health more effectively. Building muscle can thus be more important than losing weight, in terms of health and long-term survival. In these cases, new hypotheses are coated, it would mean a paradigm shift that fundamentally changes how the world of research and the health and fitness industries watching training, nutrition and health.

Short on body composition

BMI concept is scientifically proven, that is, a high BMI is positively correlated with various diseases, and increased mortality. Its major weakness is that it does not take into account what the body weight consists of. People with large muscle mass is classified incorrectly as overweight while too little muscle mass in relation to body fat incorrectly classified as adequate body composition.

There are several ways to measure body composition, that is, how much muscle and fat your body weight actually consists of.

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