Australian S12 swimmer Kingsley Bugarin swims breaststroke at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games

we want to provide you with different types of training – some more popular than others. Training is after all not just about just pallra off to the gym and lift weights, you can also jump in swimming trunks to get in shape. Here you have 10 reasons why you should go to the swimming pool.

When swimming, enable almost all the major muscle groups in the body.

You burn lots of calories without realizing it. At the gym, you usually throng among others sweaty people in the pool will not have notice of your and other people’s sweat while during the entire session feeling refreshed by the water.

You become more sustainable in the variation of the distance and range. Perseverance is important in all contexts. We need to mention more.

You get a slim figure, what woman does not like a sexy swim body? Now it is supposed to work out first and foremost for its own sake and not for anyone else, but it feels slightly better when, for example, the beach know that ten topless babes gapes for even v-shaped back. The probability that they outbid at the after party in their hotel room is great.

The sauna afterwards. (After having been and swum and therefore does not comply with paragraph ) Have you driven a really hard simpass there is nothing better than to sit in the sauna when you are done and just relax. Gentle exercise for both the musculo-skeletal and yes, the whole body, so to speak. – The risk of injury is minimal. Sure, you can drown but you notice well also in the best case.

Quiet and relaxing indoor training. Are you tired of running on the treadmill and think it is too cold outside it is a good thing to go to the swimming pool.

Can you swim you can train! Have not you been swimming since middle school? Quiet! Swimming is of course just as with cycling, once you learned you just have to drive on and get started.

Burn in the muscles. Sore muscles are a little ugly, but the feeling is peppery spirit. It should feel that you live!

You need a single piece of clothing and it is therefore the garment to conceal your genitals. Optionally, you may want to purchase swimming goggles and a heart rate monitor. (Water course) In this way you can easily measure your heart rate during the aquatic once to make sure it is well located. Just in time is to be about 80 percent of one’s maximum heart rate. Goggles is nice to have when you do not get the stinging red eyes and feel like when you were little and got shampoo in my eyes. One important thing to note is the technique. To get the most out of your swimming is good if you have the right technology. Practice makes perfect and the variation lasts longest!

Eating before and after swimming!

Indeed, many people feel the swimming compared to other forms of exercise, makes you extra hungry (whether it’s in a lake or a pool). But the need for energy is the same for swimming as another exercise – that is to eat so that you have the energy!

Before the swim

It is just enough to eat a meal 2-4 hours before exercise, so that the food has time to digest. If we are to work out after work, it might be good to eat a snack before you exercise. Here are tips on good snack. How quickly workout you can eat individually, so you have to try things out. Some want to wait 4 hours and want to eat a small snack an hour before the workout.

Drink during your workout!

Many get submerging when swimming, but remember also to drink as water during the session. One suggestion put a water bottle at the poolside and drink once in a while.

Eating after exercise

After the training session, it is good to drink to compensate for fluid loss gained through sweat. It is also a good idea to stock up on energy so that the body gets the best conditions to recover. The recommendation is to take in about 20 grams of protein and about 1.2 grams of carbohydrate per kg body weight immediately after the session. More important is it to get itself something of carbohydrate to train pretty soon again, otherwise it is enough carbohydrates available in the next meal (ie lunch if you exercise in the morning or dinner if you train in the afternoon). It is possible to vary the recovery goals in the infinite, but easy to take with him to the bathhouse is a drickyogurt (or a protein drink ) and a banana.

Swimming trains your entire body

In addition to swimming improves your fitness, it is also good for the muscles. You can choose simstil which muscles you want to strengthen – or mix of going through the entire body.

Practicing primarily:

Arms, chest, back, abs, hips and thighs.

So you get the most out of it:

Think big and slow. It is better to do few, powerful strokes than many sloppy. Imagine that your elbow should be at the top, put your hand a little crooked in the water in front of you, stick it down deep and pull it toward yourself.


Practicing primarily:

Thighs inside and outer sides, upper part of the chest, upper arms and upper back, and ankles.

So you get the most out of it:

Take smaller and narrower arm stroke than usual – as if you stir the water. Just bend your knees and not the hips, flex your feet.


Practicing primarily:

Abs, buttocks, chest, back and shoulders.

So you get the most out of it:

Make no break between arm and leg kicks.


Practicing primarily:

All muscle groups of the thighs, arms, chest, back and hips.

So you get the most out of it:

Kick the leg from the hip and down – not just from the knee down. Stretched ankles.

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