Tricks: How are you training clothes fresh

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7 tips to avoid acidic clothes – then they will last longer

Feels workout clothes acidic after you washed them several times? Be kind to your workout clothes that last longer – living Pulse gives you the best tricks.

You’ve probably experienced it: workout clothes or shoes feel fresh when you pull them on you and start your workout. But when you got up the heat, it is quite another thing – they start to smell musty and feel acidic. Not fun if you are in a room full of people.

Is it already time to buy new? you think. No – not until you tested these time-tested tricks. But some of them, try at your own risk …

  1. Vinegar

It may sound strange, but if you use a little vinegar in the washing machine and then you take kill a lot of bacteria that makes the clothes smell. About one decilitre vinegar in the rinse aid dispenser is enough for a full washer. Alternatively, you can let the clothes soak in a tub of water and vinegar, about 2 cups of vinegar per 10 liters of water, about fifteen minutes before washing.

  1. Machine Wash

This is done at your own risk because some shoes are glued and the adhesive is likely to dissolve in the washing machine. Check the washing instructions to wash and not too hot. Works especially well with white training shoes as white detergent containing bleach is germicidal.

  1. Rinse immediately

Do not let the bacteria fester in the garments of the workout and the next wash. If you make it a habit to always wash up workout clothes in the sink or pull off the washing machine as soon as you get home from your passport, they will stay fresh longer.

  1. Avoid use

Many modern functional clothes feel bad when washed with fabric softener. This is due to rinse agent can clog pores and channels in the fabric, clothes stop breathing and eventually begin to smell. So skip the rinse for the workout clothes that breathe.

  1. Freeze clothes

Cold can kill many of the bacteria that makes the clothes smell musty. Add the dry workout clothes or – in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight or on the balcony if it is winter.

  1. Vary your

In all the glory, but it can actually be a good idea to let workout clothes circulate more. If you have a few sets of workout clothes and shoes in circulation so you can take care of them properly, let them rest in between, and they last longer. Take a lap in any outlet store or among non-branded clothes if you find it too expensive to expand the training wardrobe.

  1. If you dare: wash warmer

This dare we almost do not recommend, but … many manufacturers of fitness clothing with the washing instructions on their products and recommend lower levels than the clothes actually tolerate. Often bacteria die first at 60 degrees and it can therefore be a good idea to turn up the temperature occasionally. NOTE! This is of course at your own risk because the clothes likely to shrink.

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