What is needed to start playing golf?


To start playing golf on a certified course and count the so-called handicap required two things. You must have completed a beginner’s course that leads to a green card. The beginners’ course is held on most major golf clubs and should always be guided by an instructor who have undergone coach education.

The second requirement to be able to play golf at one of 500 golf courses is that you are an active member of a golf club. Are you a member of a golf club, you usually play freely on that particular club but also play against a fee paid to other clubs. If you are not an active member, you do not play golf on any golf course. When you choose to play at any other golf club in addition to the golf club you belong to, you pay a fee called for green fees. Green fee The fee is usually around 300 for a senior.

Once these two requirements are met, you’ve come really far with your golf. Now you can play all you want and when you want and start counting the handicap, which is a measure of how good you are. Of course, competing only with itself.

It is important to add is the notion of an official handicap. When has finished beginner course and become a member so you do not have an official handicap, then you have a handicap 54. Your goal then is to get an official handicap is just 36.0.

Then it is of course important to explain why official is so desirable. The fact is that if you do not have an official handicap must not play at other courses than where you are a member. It limits you, of course. You may not play alone or with people who have over 36.0 handicap (ie not an official handicap).

It may resemble official handicap with a kind of license in golf. When you reach the official handicap, you get to play other courses and play with what you want. Reaching 36.0 handicap is not difficult. It would be difficult, there would be over 500 000 registered golfers in US.

Reaching official handicap requires you been introduced to the concept of handicap and how to keep a scorecard. It is of course included in all beginner courses.

Your journey from complete beginners to an official handicap is slightly extends too special. Anything but boring and difficult.

If you enjoyed stopping for some time, it is always easy to pick up their golf again. Depending on where you were when you left, you start again in different ways.

I have walked the course but has not performed any theory

You can immediately start playing the 9-hole course, but need to complete the course in order to get a handicap and play other courses. Contact Golf Academy to discuss which parts you need to rehearse.

I have gone beginners course and passed the placement and theoretical examination but did not play on the course …

If you attended the course within two years, it’s just to start playing again. Your textbook with signature verifies what you can. Previously it was a requirement that uppspelet was done with an instructor. We would still recommend it but it is also possible to play for any of the follower official handicap. Contact the office for membership. If it was more than two years ago you joined your course, contact Golf Academy for a refresher lesson. They will determine if you need additional training before holding the corresponding level expected after completion of a course.

I had a handicap when I stopped …

Golf handicap remains over time. Have you been a member ever since 2005 is your handicap saved in the Golf’s IT systems. If you played before that verifies your handicap card your level. Missing the contact Golf Academy for a short lesson to get an assessment of the appropriate starting handicaps. When you started playing after a long break and notice that you wish to increase your handicap, write to the secretariat on the matter which will forward it to the club’s regulatory committee. It is then good if you report the results of a few rounds

Is it expensive to start playing golf?

Playing golf and become a member has previously been costly and in some places in US and the rumor lives unfortunately remain in the community.

Do I need to buy clubs before I start my beginner’s course?

There is no requirement at all for you to have any equipment when you are going through your beginner’s course. You may borrow clubs during the entire course, which you can buy for a reasonable price. Do not buy the clubs, just leave them back on course completion. Completely free of charge.

Can one be “toothed” and not get a green card?

All undergoing a beginner’s course is guaranteed to get their green cards. Participates actively in the course and do their best will suffice.

Contains beginner course difficult tests and practical tests that you have to cope with?

Tutorial includes both practice theory, all in accordance with the Golf Federation guidelines. It does not mean that the course contains difficult exams or tests. Every hour on the beginner course is pleasant, fun and rewarding.

Is it just adults who can get a green card?

Absolutely not. Children and young people are warmly welcome in a “senior” – and we have had several families that jointly developed green card. Does not fit the variant there is also beginner courses directly addressed to children where education is tailored to children and adolescents. The course can read more about this

How many are there who go a beginners course at the same time?

It is usually between 8-10 people, which together undergo a beginner’s course. There are a number fit for purpose.

How do I pay the fee?

There are two ways to pay the fee. Either pay the fee on the spot out on the golf club with the card or in cash. The other way is to pay by invoice.

I’ve never hit before, can I still take the course?

Absolutely. There is a beginner’s course and it requires absolutely no prior knowledge. There can be many beginners who do not know which way they’ll play at. There is nothing unusual and it is something that everyone can help in early course.

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