Why it’s important for kids to practice soccer


That children need stimulation is not news. Likewise, we know that exercise is imperative for us to feel good both physically and mentally and to avoid weight-related diseases. While football is for children just as important for social development.

Many clubs and football organizations offering football training children in the most different ages. What you need to do is find the team that suits your child best. To ensure that the newly-appointed football player accessories, such as shoes, measure up before heading to the training is the next step. Once on the plane will not only health to develop, but also the social interaction with the team players, opponents and coaches.

Football at home

Some kids want to play more than just during football training exercises and then the lawn at home a viable alternative. Parks and public spaces are often also good places for soccer playing children outside the scheduled exercise time. When your child starts to play football , it is time to buy football along with other football accessories such as a ball of sustainable materials. If you have the right accessories football home will be much easier for the children to play outside training time and thus get rid of excess energy. To stand in your garden and dribble with the ball also gives it a lot of training. The balance, concentration and the ability to control the ball improves the more you dribble. In pace with capacity growth makes confidence the same, which gives a better player. But most important of all: it’s very funny to dribble and play with the ball!

Build health

Football players must be in the form and they have to be sustainable, whether they’re five or fifty. It requires that you manage to run after a ball for a long time while still be able to shoot it into the net from distance. While practicing up on what you build endurance, strength, ball mind and fitness in a unique way. The skeleton and muscles becomes stronger and the risk of a variety of diseases, such as diabetes and obesity decreases. While preventing disease and injury develops the current physics, which will help the person to grow and become even stronger. Additionally remains active children very often active as adults – to start training early is often a valuable investment life!

Equipment guide for your child’s soccer practice

Want your child to start playing football? He or she may have already been to his first football? Many parents may think that the only thing you need is a ball and a green. But for a safer and more enjoyable experience we need more than that. Below is an intuitive wizard that takes up the equipment as a soccer playing children may need.

Put safety first

Instep: Shin and ankles are exposed areas of a football player, therefore, shin pads mandatory. They prevent broken bones and protect against the hard knocks that come up during football training for children. Many insurance companies see the use of shin guards as necessary for insurance should apply to damage to the ankle or shin.

Football Socks: Wraps should be in place needed a couple of real football socks. Remember to coordinate the color of the socks with the club’s colors.

Football: When the child decided to play football, it is time to invest in a pair of soccer shoes that stick well to the surface. There are soccer shoes that can be used for both games on grass and gravel. The material used is either leather or synthetic.

Water Bottle: To feel good, it is important to drink enough during a soccer practice or match.

Football: Consider investing in a football in a recommended child size for the age group.

Football goal: To buy soccer goals for home use or to the club, it is good to keep in mind that it should be stable and stand firmly. And if you have a child who pushes football with such force in the network that it can mesh so it is good to know that it is also possible to buy additional football nets.

To practice soccer with children

Holding a football training for children can be a challenge. To get children to keep the interest up for the football should be playful and light-hearted. There are many fun soccer drills for kids. For younger children, football is the same as the play, to play and exercise is a natural motivation for them. The tactical thinking comes later.

Too much profit fixation does not lead to better footballer. The players in the early years have coaches who are investing in training and development instead has proven to be the most successful later in their careers. Be sure to let everyone play as much and last but not least, do not forget praise and encouragement!

Five key questions to ask before booking a football camp for your child

For who choose camp?

Make sure the child’s needs and desires in the first place. It will benefit the child’s development – both as a footballer but also as an individual out a health perspective. Moreover, it is a mental journey and social training for many children. Examine yourself!

How do I find the best information?

Ask around among friends and acquaintances. Ask the children who participated last year – adults and children often have different perspectives. Prepare questions before talking with the organizers so that you can stay focused on what you think is important. Check online if there is any relevant information or if there is football pages where you can ask questions about football training for children.

What is in a good football camp?

A good camp has qualified coaches, a well thought out plan for the week as you get acquainted before, elements that promote team spirit and strengthens personal qualities, a pedagogy based on the positive feedback. A good mix of play, exercise and games are also important because the soccer drills will be for children and not professionals. Make a list of things that you and your child think is important.


What is the security like?

How are your children insured under (to and from) the camp? How does the medical knowledge out of the coaches? Is there an emergency plan? Available phone records? Think “safety” and write down questions.

Is the equipment in good condition?

What kind of football equipment is provided? Are they in good condition? Is there a varied selection? Is training vests? What kind of peripherals available, for. Example, water, toilets, possibility to cool off, etc. It may be a good idea to buy a football goal and practice a little at home before your child is participating in his first camp.

Last, but not least, be sure to visit the camp and talk with your child during the week so that you can quickly rectify any problems.

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